Software for
promotion in TT

Professional promotion in TT from $0.55 per day without restrictions on the number of promoted accounts! Full automation of work to attract customers and traffic arbitrage with a lot of service functions.

Promotion in TT

Massfollowing, massliking, unfollowing from the list of profiles. A lot of settings. Combined and parallel tasks for each account. Filter "on the fly", group ignore lists, detailed log for each account and task.

The highest speed of users collecting

The highest speed of users collecting (multithreading + multitasking): search for competitors by keywords, collect following and followers from competitors, collect users by hashtags. Bypassing the restrictions of TT with multithreaded work without stopping the task.

Our advantages

Account Manager

A multifunctional account and task manager for effective control of all operations performed by TT-accounts. Detailed log on tasks and accounts. Grouping TT-accounts between user bookmarks, color highlighting, comments, annotations, search, selection, sorting, etc.

Our advantages


ToTop Tool automatically saves all changes in one project file during the work, including your accounts, lists of collected TT users used to promote accounts, accounts and tasks logs, statistics and other information. You can create as many projects as you need.

Our advantages

Multithreading and multitasking

ToTop Tool allows you to add for analysis and processing an almost unlimited number of your accounts and at the same time promote more than 1000 TT-accounts. At the same time, create tasks for collecting users, multithreadedly check and initialize accounts without stopping tasks and much more.

Our advantages

Audience collecting

ToTop Tool contains a large arsenal of functions for multithreaded collection of target audience from TT: search for competitors or target audience by keywords, collecting of followers and follows by competitors, search for audience by hashtags. Productive engine for managing lists of any size.

Our advantages

Visual lists

TT profiles are grouped into informative visual lists. The software engine allows you to instantly manipulate profile lists of almost any size. For all lists available: selection by criteria, extended information update, data export, delete records and much more.

Our advantages

Users filtering

In promotion tasks (massfollowing, masslinking, etc.) there is the possibility of filtering TT-profiles "on the fly" right during the task: by the range of followers, follows, publications and the total number of likes, by the presence or absence of links to other social networks and by many other criteria.

Our advantages


ToTop Tool allows you to run simultaneously or sequentially (IP-synchronization support) a subscription to one or more lists of TT-profiles. Combine subscriptions with secondary actions, for example, with likes on random or fixed media in a random or fixed range.

Our advantages


ToTop Tool allows you to start simultaneously or sequentially (IP-synchronization support) set likes on the media of the target audience according to one or more lists of TT-profiles. All tasks support group ignore lists, which allow organizing mass account promotion.

Our advantages

Low price

Given the existing set of functionalities, many of which are unique developments, technical support, as well as the absence of restrictions on the number of imported and promoted accounts, ToTop Tool has the lowest price in the market for software for automated promotion in TT.

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ToTop Tool

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